Soft and Chewy Bars

Double Chocolate Brownies

Sink your teeth in this rich, cookie-shaped brownie for a chocolate decadence.


Cookie Dough Swirl Bar

Our mouth-watering cookie dough swirl bar covered in milk chocolate is sure to become one of your favorite snacks.


Vanilla Crispy Square

Enjoy our moist and chewy square drizzled with vanilla - an all time favourite snack.

Caramel Nut Bar

A timeless favorite so creamy and sweet that it will feel like a treat.


Chocolate Mint Bar

This Chocolate Mint Bar is an incredibly delicious blend of chocolate and mint. If you are looking for a refreshing melt-in-your mouth treat – this combination of flavors is always a hit!


Chocolatey Coconut Bar

Be tempted by our new Chocolatey Coconut Bar. With an exotic coconut taste covered in rich chocolate, this chewy bar will help satisfy your sweet tooth.


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