Ready-to-Serve Selection

Ready-to-Drink Cappuccino Mix

Awaken your senses with the taste of rich espresso in our new Cappuccino Drink. Now offering 20 grams of protein in a convenient, 295 ml resealable bottle!

Gluten free.

Ready-to-Serve Caramel Pudding

Sweet and creamy this delicious pudding is sure to please your palate.

Gluten free.

Ready-to-Serve Chocolate Drink

Experience the intense, cocoa flavor of our new Chocolate Drink. A chocolate lover’s delight, this convenient drink offers 20 grams of protein in a new, 295 ml resealable bottle.

Gluten free.

Ready-to-Serve Chocolate Pudding

A ready-to-serve silk in a cup decadent milk chocolate pudding.

Gluten free.

Ready-to-Serve Mango Drink

A ready-to-serve silky smooth mango drink.

Ready-to-Serve Strawberry Banana Drink

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with a refreshing and vibrant ready-to-serve strawberry banana drink.

Gluten free.

Ready-to-Serve Vanilla and Almond Flavored Yogurt Drink

Refresh yourself anytime, anywhere with our new Ready-to-Serve Vanilla & Almond Yogurt Drink. This creamy yogurt drink, enhanced with almond and vanilla flavors will leave you wanting more. Available in a convenient sized bottle, this new drink makes for a great snack on the go.

Ready-to-Serve Vanilla Drink

A sweet blast of rich vanilla flavor that you can enjoy throughout the day. Now offering 20 grams of protein in a new 295 ml bottle. 

Gluten free.

Ready-to-Serve Vanilla Pudding

Our classic sweet and buttery vanilla pudding delivers a smooth, velvety texture and makes for a great snack on the go.

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